Smart Grass Ireland - “Creating beautiful Artificial Grass Gardens”
Creating beautiful Artificial Grass Gardens
Artificial Grass
Smart grass is a recognised artificial grass and manufactured in Europe and Creative Garden Design as an approved quality installer. Smart grass manufactures have been producing artificial grass for 25 years and their realistic Eco Grass Range is reflected in the quality of the products. All of their grass from sports to landscape grade use 100% European materials only. Our Smart grass manufacturer is a supplier of top-grade artificial grass for sports, playgrounds all over Europe.
Smart grass are a member of the Artificial network of Europe and have been at the cutting edge of sports fields technology all around the world. Our manufacturer has played an important part in the history of sports fields over the last 25 years in Ireland.
Smart grass is a high quality grass, and all grasses are non-toxic and have strict standards on heavy metals. Our grasses are ISO tested and been treated for UV stabilisation.
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Why use artificial grass lawns
Are you fed up of children or pets trailing dirt into your house from your muddy lawn?

You can save time and effort by selecting a good quality artificial grass to replace your conventional grass lawn. When you choose a smart lawn you are choosing a product that feels natural and looks great all year round. You will be getting an installation that is fitted with passion and care. We also have a garden design background so we can enhance your home with our knowledge of what works best for your needs.
Why use artificial grass lawns
Smart grass eco range has been developed to be durable and long lasting
• There is no more mowing watering or weeding. The grass looks natural and it feels like real grass, and It holds its lush green colour in all weather conditions all year round.
• it is eco-friendly and reduces our chemical use within the garden and that’s good for the bees,
Once your smart lawn is installed you will only have to brush the leaves up, so no more edging and mowing , more time for you to enjoy your garden. Once laid your garden is always ready for relaxing and entertaining.
“I have seen over the years many pessimistic customers about the benefits of artificial grass that once they have it installed they are not disappointed.”
"They say it looks real and it’s great how easy it is to clean.”
Children friendly
Children friendly “fun all year round”
Our grass range allows your kids to play all year round and with the weather we are having, then a smart lawn can allow your kids to burn up the energy and still look great. You don’t need to worry about dirt coming in to the house or bare patches, and we can do cushioned areas around swings to make it safer if required.

Artificial grass lifestyle choice PDF's
Royal Artifical Grass Easy Living
Royal Artifical Grass Family life
Royal Artifical Grass Quiet Life
Royal Artifical Grass Maintenance

Pet friendly “clean happy pets”
Smart Grass “eco range” lawns have a great solution for your pets. No more muddy patches and paw marks everywhere and it does not leave urine smells. It is easily washed down with soap and water [no chemicals used] and the important part is the animals will be happy with the feel of it. I have seen dogs rolling in it they love the feel of it. The grass should discourage pets from digging up the ground around the lawn. There are different grass lengths to choose from for your pets.
Pet friendly
  • Small rear gardens where you want a low maintenance garden
  • Back garden where animals are destroying ground
  • Play spaces
  • Front gardens
  • Balconies
  • Indoor areas
  • Sport greens etc.
  • Crèches
  • Business leisure spaces
  • Garden design spaces generally
  • Roof gardens
  • Exhibition
  • Graves
  • Pathways
  • Offices
  • Display spaces/caravans
  • Dog kennels
You are getting garden designers and construction teams that are used to creating great spaces, not just grass installers, we can direct you to how to best design your space that is practical and looks great. If you want a great garden regardless of what artificial grass company you go with ,you need to be confident that you are getting the right design, otherwise you could be missing out on that designed finish.
Design and Installation
Design and Installation
We offer a full design and installation service, from selecting quality grass, to full installation service including lighting planting etc. Our packages include advice on aftercare and warranty agreement of ten years Our quality is superior to finish and we offer a competitive priced artificial grass. We have exclusivity with our range of landscape grass and an approved installer of the Smart Grass brand. Our landscape services ensure on the market making sure you always receive the best design and best quality and best value.
Professional installation available
Although not a complex process, installing artificial grass is easier and quicker for the experts, and does require some equipment that you might not find in your average garden shed. As SMART GRASS installers we offer professional installations that you can be confident with our installation process. We understand that quality of product and installation form the base of any good product. We ensure that every grass team is trained to our high standards and that our landscape design team have ensured you the best product and design for your garden.
Experienced designers and fitters
With around 25 years of combined experience you can rest assured that Smart Grass will supply you a quality service, every time, whether its the laying of artificial lawns or creating a landscape finish.
Free Quotations
Smart Grass are only too happy to advise you design wise on the cost of any project. We can call around for a free survey and free estimate. Get Quote
Caring for Customers
We provide all our customers with a personal service, and try to ensure that you are feeling confident with our approach to the design and build of your space. We will guide you through how to install our artificial grass if you want us to install it , or if you want to do it yourself. Our customers care important to us so we keep all our customers informed through the build process. This ensures quality of work and finish. We will leave you with an aftercare sheet so you can take care of your new smart grass lawn.
Types of artifical grass
Leisure Eco Range
Our smart grass range is suitable for all lawn areas decking patios decking or for large areas.

Our smart grass range is suitable for those that like a neat finish but still tufted in appearance. 22mm pile height

Our Supreme eco grass range is suitable for those that like a well tufted soft green grass. This is one of our best realistic grasses. 37mm pile height

Our luxury eco grass range is our most realistic grass and loks great when laid down it has that realistic factor. Pile height 32mm

Regal eco range “hardwearing lawns”
Our regal eco grass range is our most realistic and is great for play areas schools etc. Pile height 32mm
Pictures available shortly
Artificial grass for Play areas
Play Grass - “Play Safer, Play Well Schools and Crèches
Our schools and creche and play surfaces create a safe environment and can be created with fun in mind. Play grass is a unique certified concept, and with our colourful cushioned pad under layer we can satisfy all requirements to ensure even safer and frequency of play is enjoyable and safe. All our grass are ISO approved and our manufacturer has been approved for installation of all kinds of sports fields in Ireland for 25 years.
SPECIIFCATIONS • Hardwearing • Designed for intensive use • It is safe to use • Available in many colours and patterns • Any size is possible • Design your own playground with Playgrass eco range • Grass is fully stabilised against UV fading. • Grass is fully porous. • Grass will not degrade or rot. • Our shock pad meets a 1.2m critical fall height. • Our grasses are flame retardant to BS 4790 standard. • Our grasses are graze proof if you need further details
Shock Pad
Shock pad is a underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass to create a fall cushioning substrate. It has a spongy but firm feel which makes it perfect for use as on outdoor safety cushion for all play surfaces.
Coloured grass
Smart grass also has 12 trendy coloured grasses available. If you want to create a play environment for creative thinking and games then coloured grass is also an option. The grass is tough.
All of our coloured grasses are UV stabilised.
What do you need to pay attention to when buying artificial grass? What should you look out for when purchasing artificial grass? CREATIVE GARDEN DESIGN has a few tips for you:
What can I use my smart grass for?
Artificial grass can be laid on any surface smart grass can be laid in may situations ,Paths, pet areas, lawns garden spaces balconies exhibitions, play areas events etc there is no limitation to using the grass.
Does smart grass fade?
Your artificial lawn is UV stabilised to ensure that it stays fresh for many years
Can you place over decking?
Smart grass can be fitted over any deck as long as a membrane is used. It can cheer up any old deck while you are waiting to decide what to do next.
How long will the Astro Turf last?
Artificial grass being used for intensive sports areas may last approximately 10 years. You could expect up to twice this period in a garden of moderate use... Say goodbye to seeding!
Is artificial grass safe for children?
All surfaces are suitable for children playing, but we have some recommendations in our quality eco leisure /play range.
What happens if it is laid wrong?
You get weeds and other nasties.
Is artificial grass suitable for pets?
  • All our grasses are suitable for pets
  • They can be cleaned with warm water and detergent
  • The grasses are nontoxic so will not harm your pets
  • Cleaning up after your pet is easy, all you need to do is just light hose and clean.
Is artificial grass suitable for pets?
If your garden is constantly being dug up then there is case for putting in artificial grass, I have met people who have a resistance to artificial grass, but when they see how happy the pets are, they can see the benefits of how it works for everybody. The grass are not effected by urine stains and is easily cleaned up. Most pets seem to love the springy nature of the grass and like to roll in it.
How easy is the maintenance of Smart Grass?
Once Smart Grass has been professionally laid, just an occasional sweep with a stiff brush or a blower to remove any surface debris and your lawn will stay looking great.
Does base do you lay down?
If you are going to lawn down turf that is not going to give you trouble you need to prepare it properly we lay a 100mm layer of 804 base stone first. This is a permeable material and will help drainage. I have seen in the past where there is a deluge of water coming in to a garden, it is important to also look at the drainage situation to avoid trouble down the way if drainage has been an issue. The material also compensates for playground equipment trampolines
How long will a smart grass lawn last?
Once Smart Grass range should last you 15 years if it get an average volume of traffic and wear and tear
Can you install artificial grass all year round?
Yes the product is not dependable on weather conditions and can be installed with a fuss.
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Sean Keighran
NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant