Creating beautiful garden lighting
Garden lighting brings in a whole new experience back in to the garden We create garden lighting for all of our projects, there is an emphasis on creating lighting that creates mood or deals with the functional needs like security lighting. We are not afraid to use colour if it suits the design of the garden and the client’s preference. The rule of thumb we use is less is more and create as much variety of switches to give you different options to light up your garden. We will design a plan for you in CAD format and put together a selected lighting product design and placement if required.
A lighting plan can be used in conjunction with a landscaping plan and this makes sense when you are building a new home or renovating your garden
Each situation is designed with lights to reflect the qualities of the elements chosen, plants walls, stone features etc. there is different techniques to light your features, we have many years getting the right blends and the most cost effective way of lighting your garden.
Lighting Products
There's a great variety of light fittings on line, and in lighting stores. We use different techniques from up lighting, down lighting, bollard lighting, classic styled lighting, or spot lighting.
Creating beautiful garden lighting
Creating with lights in your garden
The first step for me is to plan which areas to highlight, and what to hide. Then I pick out an appropriate style of light fitting for the various areas. For example;
Creating beautiful garden lighting
  • Trees – uplighters metal halide/ led soft white
  • Soft planting – green/white soft bulbs.
  • Patio areas - low crossing lights.
  • Decking - brick lights and LED small circular lights are fashionable. 
  • Paving and walking areas – uplighters/cross lighters.
Overall, I am trying to highlight the main focal areas and planted areas using a mix of different led lights I use 6w white and green led for planting areas ,and some small 20w/30w to do smaller trees try not to create a glare from lights that are exposed, face them away from you. There are times when you need to up the quality to get the best effect from the lighting we usually have to order these in from Europe, we have a variety of lights to choose from if required.
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Sean Keighran
NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant