Kitchen Gardens
Creating a kitchen garden
A vegetable garden or kitchen garden can be part of any family journey to provide good health ,and providing some tasty wholesome food that all the family will enjoy. With the increasing demand for a healthier diets and locally produced food, vegetable gardens and kitchen gardens are growing in consciousness . We offers designs for new vegetable gardens spaces and renovating older kitchen gardens. A kitchen garden is a great way of knowing exactly what you’re getting onto your plate. You don’t even have to have too much space to grow one. If you don’t have room for a whole bed of vegetables, then you could intersperse them within your flowers. i also think its important to show our children that its possible to grow our own veg and that the experience is enjoyable.
kitchen garden designing
How to get your kitchen garden started:
Choosing your vegetable garden in your space
When choosing a spot for the garden, it is very important to select ground that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Plants need sunlight to is also important that the ground has good drainage because . Therefore, keep the garden on higher ground and avoid low-lying areas that collect and hold water., it is very important to select ground that gets a certain amout of direct sunlight. Plants need sunlight to thrive.
Designing with spirit in mind
Once you have decided on the place for the garden plot, it is time to think about a design. Gardens can be a simple square or rectangular plot or you can get fancy and design the garden to be a circle, triangle  If you don’t like those configurations, use your imagination and make it any shape that you want, just make sure you can create a rotation system.
Preparing the soil
If you’re going to make up a bed for your veg, prepare the soil you’re going to use – digging over soil will loosen up and aerate it which in turn will encourage earthworms to use the soil themselves and help you out. Getting rid of weeds can be done by placing manure under plastic and leaving for a year or so. I prefer this to placing down spring prepare beds that require manure and dig it in
Sean Keighran
NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant