Landscape Design in Ranalagh
We have completed many projects in Ranalagh area for our complete design and build service. We take your requirements and work with you to achieve a great design that compliments your needs, requirements, likes and dislikes and is functional for your living style and family members.

Ranalagh Driveways

We have an experienced team who can take your driveway project, right through from design to completion. We have experience working with a range of materials for driveways - including cobble lock, pebble and resin finish driveways.
Ranalagh Driveways
Ranalagh Landscape gardens

Garden Design and build

There are many challenges to designing small garden, I try to view the garden as an overall composition the principles I find still remain the same, you need to work out the functionality first. It is important to get the relationship right between the house and garden. I find a lot of gardens lose there identity and the feeling of space. The garden usually is taken in to consideration as a complete composition.

Artifical Grass

You can save time and effort by selecting a good quality artificial grass to replace your conventional grass lawn. When you choose a smart lawn you are choosing a product that feels natural and looks great all year round. You will be getting an installation that is fitted with passion and care. We also have a garden design background so we can enhance your home with our knowledge of what works best for your needs. We are a leading provider of Artifical Grass in Ranalagh.
Ranalagh Artifical Grass
Ranalagh Paving

Patios and Paving

Patios are an integral part of any design of a garden, this is what sets the house off and gives structure to the garden. You can change levels and with patio slabs its looks best when stepped down, but there are occasions when the transition between patio and inner floor area can look good. This usually requires a good quality slab when blending floor to outside living space.


Plants are an important part of the structure of our gardens. We choose shrubs and herbaceous that we feel can stand up to test in years to come. This takes years of experience to be able to select and find shrubs and herbaceous, so that you get good structure and flowering potential. We love working with herbaceous, grasses, they really bring a garden to life.
Planting gardens is a personal thing and each gardener has his own particular way of planting. We would tend to discuss the planting with the customer - this gets us tuned in to the specifics of the design.
Ranalagh Planting and garden plans
Sean Keighran
NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant