Patios are an integral part of any design of a garden, this is what sets the house off and gives structure to the garden. You can change levels and with patio slabs its looks best when stepped down, but there are occasions when the transition between patio and inner floor area can look good. This usually requires a good quality slab when blending floor to outside living space.
We place a strong emphasis on all our designs that the proportion and balance of the patio is important to the final look you are trying to achieve.
We create different styled patios selected from the best materials around the country. Our suppliers are excellent at getting us high quality products and this has taken many years of experience to have a reliable range to for our clients.
Our suppliers offer the full range of natural stone materials sandstone, limestone, granite, walling patio slabs etc.
Most of our work is with natural materials because, we can create a higher finish, and it is just as cost effective as other materials. All our patios are designed and laid to the highest standard. We prefer where possible to lay natural stone products, as they are more alive and don’t discolour as fast as concrete products.
We insure that;
  • All materials are laid on an 804 base hard-core.
  • The best grade is chosen for the job
  • We can choose from a large range of natural stone products
  • All levels and drainage are worked out before commencement
  • Complement edging is used to match in.
  • All steps are carefully crafted.
  • All paving is grouted with Fuge or equivalent.
  • You can be reassured as all work is fully insured.
  • We can lay Granite, Sandstone, Limestone paving
Patio styles
Town Garden Patio
This project was laid with 600x400 granite slabs, a raised block wall with 800mm granite caping was used to frame the patio and dept to the garden.
Sunken Patio
Patios can be sunken for effect to emphasise the contrast within the garden. We used grey sandstone in 900x600 600x600 600x300 sizes for effect. Our semi dry stone wall was built with grey sandstone walling to a height of 500 high. Lighting was considered to highlight the surrounding area so we placed brick lights in to the wall and caped the wall.
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Sean Keighran
NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant