Creating Sacred Spaces
...Engage with your spirit in nature
Working with healing sensory gardens
We have all sought healing and solace in healing places, sensory spaces, when we bring our intention in to create a healing space.

We have found this a most engaging process of healing when we bring our intentions in to creating a healing sensory space.

A sacred space that can help your connection to your environment and the healing power of nature. We can create healing, sensory or meditative environments. I have practised Reiki for about 25 years and have found it an enhancing way to deepen your connection to working with the land. We want to show you how we can be achieve a reflective sacred space for you.
Sacred Spaces and Healing Gardens
Sacred Spaces
Designing a garden that creates a nurturing space.
special spaces
Creating a place where you can go and meditate reflect engage, provides us with a space that opens us to the magic of what our world and how we can connect in to the healing power of nature Each garden is designed to be encourage you to reflect and engage within your sacred space. The healing garden?
Meditative spaces / Zen gardens / Sensory spaces
We can create a personal meditation/yoga spaces, sensory spaces if you would like to create your own yoga space meditative area. There are a variety of sacred spaces, sensory spaces you can create in your home or space. We will show you how all of these ideas can be incorporated with healing and awareness in mind.

We can help you design and build connecting spaces.

  • Design and create small sacred spaces for your home
  • Sensory gardens for hospitals, day care centres
  • Design a, meditative area etc.
  • Working with Feng Shui principles in creating sensory space
  • Forest food style garden.
  • Zen garden
  • Yoga space
  • Reiki garden principles [reiki master]
  • Healing Stones and the garden
  • Healing spaces for your family
  • A meditation area
  • Sacred space with template below
  • Sensory spaces for clients
healing gardens
Fung Shui Gardens
We use a modern style of Fung Shui in our holistic designs if asked, what if we could design a peaceful space, that represent you and your family.
We can use this template to create such a healing garden space.
There is a long held belief for many centuries that a healing sacred space can be designed and enhanced by applying a healing intention into your home or space. This template was created to overlay on to any garden or sensory space as a way to bring intention to the creation of the garden as a sacred space.
Sacred Spaces
stone gardens
Sacred space Patios
Green is a reflective colour space using Valentia stone in a natural artistic stone working. The power of reflective elements chosen can create a stress free environment. I have seen how the shades of green can be used very effectively to create a relaxing and peaceful environment..
A curved patio to bring your eye out in to the garden and peebles laid in a spiral fashion
Children friendly gardens
sacred gardens
Creating any sacred space can be integrated so children can benefit from the healing power of nature. I believe that creating sacred spaces can change the energy and vitality of any home.
Light is a reflective quality we need to reflect the quality of the design chosen
Sacred geometry shows us that so many objects that we engage in nature are connected to us, and we can design spaces according to these proportions. This is sacred geometry.
Sacred garden geometry

Creating a themed reflective space for larger projects.

A slate water feature with crystals

We could all learn from gratitude in creating spaces that work for ourselves and our community’s.
Recycling of timber in to sculptures. This is based on the element of fire.

Water with curved landscape to enhance the movement of water

Water with bird scare and ferns.
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water features
Healing Gardens