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Edible Forests and Wildlife gardening
A wildlife garden in your garden recreates nature in your garden. Its purpose is to create an environment that encourages wildlife to come in to i.e., have a tendency to tidy up all our farmland gardens compared to 30 years ago when intensive farming and hedgerow machinery were not in vogue. Nowadays everything is cut and tidied, you only have to look at the hedgerows at the side of the road to see how they are ripped and cut, so there is a need to understand the provision of wild areas within our parks ...
How to get the best out of your garden designer during new builds or home extension?
If you are about to build your new home or create a home renovation, then it is wise to contact your garden designer to discuss how your garden will link back to your home or extension. I would ask you to review and see how a GARDEN DESIGNER can help you understand the potential designs and issues that may arise within your space or garden.