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How to get the best out of your garden designer during new builds or home extension?
If you are about to build your new home or create a home renovation, then it is wise to contact your garden designer to discuss how your garden will link back to your home or extension. I would ask you to review and see how a GARDEN DESIGNER can help you understand the potential designs and issues that may arise within your space or garden.

I have seen over the years where people don’t think out where they put things, like garages, sheds concrete paths and other finished surfaces.

We find that we have to start all over again so you have proper levels and that all features or service constructions are in their proper place

Another aspect that we come across is electrical switches and the power circuits out in the garden.

In new builds or home extensions we mostly find no provision left for outdoor lighting, this is due an inadequate thinking process, or oversight. It will save time and money to get this right.

So getting your garden designer on board early has its benefits in getting your home of to the right start it deserves

We try to balance how hard surfaces and soft landscaping look within the garden. Soft landscaping like small raised beds can soften a patio area, and provide a nice feature.

Solution based thinking

The best way forward is to bring in the garden designer as early as possible, so as the new extension is properly designed to be both functional and aesthetic and possible avoid any oversite regarding the build and finish. This is a list of things below that we consider when designing a garden.

  • We will show you how to link your new patio doors to your garden.
  • Work out drainage solution.
  • Before plastering, lighting requirements are in place.
  • Make sure tap points are useful.
  • Waste removal
  • Make sure that when a digger is on site that they can remove a tree root plant shed etc.
  • Bin storage/bike storage.
  • Stump grinder.
  • Screening areas ,Plants screening Timber fencing, walls
  • Slopes and how to plant them
  • Drainage issues and how they can be solved for patios etc
  • Gates , automated, lighting etc
  • Types of driveway finishes 
  • Plastering finish general.
  • How to change levels if required.
  • Second patio areas , morning and afternoon areas
  • Position of sheds.
  • Raised beds.  design and finish
  • Garage placing and driveways.
  • Garden lighting requirements.
  • Door steps and finishes.
  • Security lighting.
  • Taps and water points.
  • Outdoor sockets.
  • Car parking areas.
  • Vegetable areas
  • Functional spaces. 
  • Features in the garden.
  • Softening or screening.
  • Mature planting.
  • Tree removal and pruning.