About the Team

We are a team of award winning professional garden designers, architects horticulturalists with a design and build focus creating gardens all over Ireland. We are a one stop shop for design and build designing and constructing to the highest standards. We have been building gardens/spaces for 25 years. Our gardens are unique and stylish, functional and aesthetic. We design gardens that reflect the space and people who use it.

Our experience and diversity of projects has given us a good grasp of how to design spaces that are nurturing and engaging and you will find that our friendly team of designers and construction workers are down to earth, and comfortable to have around any home. We ensure that the designs we are implementing, will enhance your home.

Sean Keighran Lansdscape designer
Sean Keighran MBG RHS Landscape Designer / Horticulturist

Sean has been designing and building gardens both large and small for over twenty years now. He has restored an 18 century garden and has been involved in garden design in both domestic and commercial projects both here and abroad. He is now concentrating solely on private work and enjoys the design and build process of going in to someone’s lives and changing the way they live for the better.

He won a scholarship to Botanic gardens and has awards for design from GLDA for best design. He has done make over gardens for RTE in the past.

He has a keen interest in both the design and implementation of projects and has a good knowledge of design and construction and planting detail. Sean places an emphasis on good design and quality materials, that will best suit your project. He works with suppliers in importing where necessary plants and materials where required.

Sean likes to incorporate a holistic perspective in to his work, bridging our relationship to nature that can be reflected into our homes. He positions carefully every element so that the tangible lines between aesthetic, and functionality can be seen.

It's important to have good vision and a good eye for perspective. A strong emphasis on finish using plants to create a layer of life and texture colour. His connection to the working with the land, all his life is why he gets great enjoyment out of his projects.

Anna Maria Bulak
Anna Maria Bulak  B.Sc.Arch Architectural consultant/planning and design

Anna has a project/design consultancy background and has been working in the Architecture profession for the past 7 years.

Her design and management skills have played important part in successful delivery of infrastructural projects

Anna is responsible for designs sketches and presentations that include preliminary sketches and designs, planning drawings and applications, tender drawings, construction drawings (including construction details) as well as preparing landscape / planning application to different county councils etc.

Emmett Killen Construction amnager
Emmett Killen Landscape Operations Manager

Emmett has been building gardens with us for many years and he knows that to ensure that the designs we implement that there is a relationship that needs to be formed between the client designer and builder. Emmett has the passion and commitment to make your garden come to fruition. Emmett works alongside our electrician’s stonemason’s plasters and our engineering company.

Emmett will make you feel very comfortable in your home and his work ethic will reveal the quality of character and commitment to all of our projects

  • Garden design and development, urban and rural garden development
  • Plans and 3d drawings
  • Design and build on all our projects if required
  • Artificial grass “Direct from our manufacturing partner” see our” smart grass” range.
  • Patios and Paving
  • Stonework all types
  • Decking hardwood /softwood composite decking
  • Planting schemes for large and small gardens
  • Patios and Paving.
  • Garden lighting
  • Sourcing mature plants in Italy and Europe if required
  • Home extensions/ renovations
  • Driveways /Cobblelock Tobermore, pebble driveway resin driveway
  • Planting and soft landscaping
  • Consultations and management
  • Project management all over the country
  • Garden Lighting design and installation.
  • Sensory and therapeutic gardens.
We are a company that has 25 years’ experience of large and small scale developments across the country, and abroad. We work alongside many craftsmen who want to produce for you the best possible results and we know how to create a space that feels well designed both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. We have a good understanding of design and build process and you can be confident in our approach to design and build.
Our team is committed to the highest standard of works, and we will ensure that the best products are used in your space. We want our clients to feel informed at every stage of the experience from initial consultation to finish. We insure that the client knows at each stage what is happening and that they are reassured of how the project is coming together.

“For us good design and structure should not be compromised”
We will give you budget options in fulfilling your dream. All our budgets are clearly structured for you to amend, we will advise you on changes to the budget that don’t effect the overall structure.

“For us good design and structure should not be compromised”
We take pride in the work we do and ensure that all our contractors deliver the same standards we expect. Our electrician’s plasters etc have all been with us for many years now and know what we expect.
There are three ELEMENTS in expressing why we are different.
The dream of unfolding the potential of your space is measured when we step in to your space. We look to see the uniqueness of the people and the potential of the surroundings from within the house and garden. This will cast the die in how we harness the uniqueness of a garden design that gives you a product that reflects the people who you are.
We know from years of experience that it is important to listen to the client’s ideas and get a feel for how the space will be used. Look at how the client is using the space and the elements and features that will make it unique.
There is a lot of trust that goes in to this process and it is our years of experience that will give you confidence in why you should choose us.
As designers we can visualise what your space should look like, we get a feeling of the movement proportion and style of the garden, our years of experience will show when we hand sketch our ideas to you.
The first meeting we will Show you in sketches the possibilities how the garden can look when finished We can create spaces that capture different styles and finishing’s that will feel well-proportioned and balanced.
As horticulturalists we choose plants that reflect our designs. The planting schemes can architecturally be pleasing or soft in appearance but with an emphasis on flowering and structure, In all of our garden designs we place in some mature planting in to our schemes where possible.