You can save time and effort by selecting a good quality artificial grass to replace your conventional grass lawn. When you choose a smart lawn from Creative Garden Design you are choosing a product that feels natural and looks great all year round. You will be getting an installation that is fitted with passion and care. We also have a garden design background so we can enhance your home with our knowledge of what works best for your needs.

“Simply said natural stone looks good no matter what setting, focal point, renovating a tired garden it is placed in” it crossed all style lines. I find that natural stone creates a reflective quality in any home, it can also be designed to be functional or have a sculptural quality to the finish We work with a number of quality stones from around the country different colours and finish, depending on what is the best to complement your designs.

Patios are an integral part of any design of a garden, this is what sets the house off and gives structure to the garden. You can change levels and with patio slabs its looks best when stepped down, but there are occasions when the transition between patio and inner floor area can look good. This usually requires a good quality slab when blending floor to outside living space.

We provide custom made decks in a variety of hardwoods and softwoods. We also complete AutoCAD drawings of our client's individual decking area and build it to their specifications.

There are many challenges to designing small garden, I try to view the garden as an overall composition the principles I find still remain the same, you need to work out the functionality first. It is important to get the relationship right between the house and garden. I find a lot of gardens lose there identity and the feeling of space. The garden usually is taken in to consideration as a complete composition.
Sloped garden spaces can provide you with opportunities that can be very visual when completed if you are not afraid of doing the hard work of grading and levelling as per your budget. A sloped garden can open up great possibilities.

Plants are an important part of the structure of our gardens. We choose shrubs and herbaceous that we feel can stand up to test in years to come. This takes years of experience to be able to select and find shrubs and herbaceous, so that you get good structure and flowering potential. We love working with herbaceous, grasses, they really bring a garden to life.
Planting gardens is a personal thing and each gardener has his own particular way of planting. We would tend to discuss the planting with the customer - this gets us tuned in to the specifics of the design.

As part of our offering we can design your garden for you, presentating and full hardscaping and planting plan utilising years of Seans experience and know how.

We have an experienced team who can take your driveway project, right through from design to completion. We have experience working with a range of materials for driveways - including cobble lock, pebble and resin finish driveways.

We will give you a consultation on all driveways and outline to you the best design and products to create a new layout for your home. Design is important as cars tend to dominate the front of a home, so we will design the best way to use your space regardless if it is limited or not.

Garden lighting brings in a whole new experience back in to the garden We create garden lighting for all of our projects, there is an emphasis on creating lighting that creates mood or deals with the functional needs like security lighting. We are not afraid to use colour if it suits the design of the garden and the client’s preference. The rule of thumb we use is less is more and create as much variety of switches to give you different options to light up your garden. We will design a plan for you in CAD format and put together a selected lighting product design and placement if required.

Creating a place where you can go and meditate reflect engage, provides us with a space that opens us to the magic of what our world and how we can connect in to the healing power of nature Each garden is designed to be encourage you to reflect and engage within your sacred space.

A vegetable garden or kitchen garden can be part of any family journey to provide good health ,and providing some tasty wholesome food that all the family will enjoy. With the increasing demand for a healthier diets and locally produced food, vegetable gardens and kitchen gardens are growing in consciousness.

We can create a personal meditation/yoga spaces if you would like to experience the benefits for your body and mind. I believe that if we infuse our intention in to creating a reflective healing place it can carry a simple healing feeling to all who use it. Its the heart connection that starts the process.

We have all sought healing and solace in healing sacred places, power points within our land, and creating a small sacred space can help your connection to Earth by taping in to the healing power of nature. There is a relationship between our connection to our ancestors who walked the land before us land, and the power of healing that can come from Mother Earth.

Sensory Gardens
When I think about a sensory garden, I think about an all-inclusive space that has both the accessibility and inclusion in to the experience, and how we can relate and create a rich experiences that offers our children and those of us that need to have more enriching sharing experience.