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From comprehensive planting plans to extensive lighting to create a new feel during the darker hours.

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Learn about landscape garden design and how we overcome every obsticle to bring beautiful gardens from plan to reality.
Design and Planning
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Design process
We are a company that has 25 years’ experience of large and small scale developments across the country, and abroad. We work alongside many craftsmen who want to produce for you the best possible results and we know how to create a space that feels well designed both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. We have a good understanding of design and build process and you can be confident in our approach to design and build.
Our team is committed to the highest standard of works, and we will ensure that the best products are used in your space. We want our clients to feel informed at every stage of the experience from initial consultation to finish. We insure that the client knows at each stage what is happening and that they are reassured of how the project is coming together.

“For us good design and structure should not be compromised”
We will give you budget options in fulfilling your dream. All our budgets are clearly structured for you to amend, we will advise you on changes to the budget that don’t effect the overall structure.

“For us good design and structure should not be compromised”
We take pride in the work we do and ensure that all our contractors deliver the same standards we expect. Our electrician’s plasters etc have all been with us for many years now and know what we expect.
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Edible Forests and Wildlife gardening

Edible Forests and Wildlife gardening

A wildlife garden in your garden recreates nature in your garden. Its purpose is to create an environment that encourages wildlife to come in to i.e., have a tendency to tidy up all our farmland gardens compared to 30 years ago when intensive farming and hedgerow machinery were not in vogue. Nowadays everything is cut and tidied, you only have to look at the hedgerows at the side of the road to see how they are ripped and cut, so there is a need to understand the provision of wild areas within our parks ...
"Creative Garden Design provided a complete service including design, supervising landscaping, constructing landscape and final snagging.

Sean also provided me with a horticulturalist who is still available to me. It was a very professional service..."
 - Barry Wyse, Rathgar, County Dublin
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sean keighran award winning landscaper
Flora and Forna
Throughout the design and build process we strive to provide a planting plan that suits your design. Your garden will develop over time as plants mature.
Plants are an important part of the structure of our gardens. We choose shrubs and herbaceous that we feel can stand up to test in years to come. This takes years of experience to be able to select and find shrubs and herbaceous, so that you get good structure and flowering potential. We love working with herbaceous, grasses, they really bring a garden to life.
Planting gardens is a personal thing and each gardener has his own particular way of planting. We would tend to discuss the planting with the customer - this gets us tuned in to the specifics of the job. We then go and select the plants from there. Large planting beds I find should be avoided, unless you are doing block planting. Less is more is the best policy and discern with experience the best plants for the job.
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Healing Gardens
Garden Design Plans
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Mission Statement
We believe that good garden design should reflect the elements chosen and that scale and proportion be used wisely to find the harmony, balance and aesthetics that create great spaces.

Our gardens designs use materials that reflect your home and the plants and features create mood and experience for all the family to enjoy
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Sean Keighran
Sean Keighran NBG RHS Garden Designer / Consultant, has won awards for Best Garden Design 2000, GLDA, and has done television makeovers for Garden Heaven. He has worked extensively in France and Australia.
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Sean has been featured in the Sunday Times Magazine Home in a feature on 10 best selected designers entitled "Outstanding in their Own Field"!