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Beautiful Gardens Start With Beautiful Plans

Using a clearly defined design process,  together with our professional planners we will help you to create a design for your entire garden – or part of your garden – to your personal style and practical needs; creating a garden that is perfect for you and your family.  

Planting Plans And Planting

Plants add drama and atmosphere to a garden. I will work with you to create a planting scheme for your new garden design or a border.

Design Advice

We can provide one-off design advice and consultation to help you overcome a particularly difficult area of the garden or make the most of a view or indeed any other issues that you may be encountering.    

About The Plants

I try to keep my plants with some architectural interest and colour interest throughout the year. There are certain plants that I have found to be very reliable to work with over the years. This is knowledge that is built up over many years.
I try to minimise the colour palette with the plants I place in. a lot will depend on the light entering into the garden. Most small gardens can handle some mature plants for structure and finish. I will also pick out plants and ideas to screen sheds etc.

Plants are grouped to make sure the composition looks full and balanced
In the plan you will make decisions on the following, you will see what works best for the space

Patio Area/ Material Choices

Low Walls In the Garden

Fence Style

Type of lighting required, if any

Lawn Turf Or Seed

Artificial Grass

Mature Plants And Trees

Sculptures, Water Features etc,

Plant mulch finish, pebble, slate bark or fine mulch


Plant Selection

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